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    Your writing made me feel like I was on the journey with you. Having lived in La Jolla for many years, I admit I was ignorant to the history of Raymond Chandler or his connection to La Jolla. I arrived in La Jolla 10 years after he died. There have been other fine writers who lived in La Jolla since then including Anne Rice and Theodor Geisel (Dr. Seuss) among others. Thank you for the insight and good luck on your book - I am sure you will do well, you are a talented writer!

    Jeri Westerson

    Thanks for the corrections, Susan. It's hard to drive and take notes. :)


    Funny you mentioning that RC died a few months before you were born because Cissy died in 1954, the year I was born. I always enjoyed the story of Ray & Cissy waiting until his mother died to marry because Cissy was a divorcee, who Mom would not have countenanced. Also, Cissy told Ray she was ten years his senior instead of nearly twenty. She must have been a very desirable woman, at least to Ray.


    I enjoyed your piece on Chandler. I have been interested in him for years. Did you know that his mother was an Irish Quaker, Florence Thorton(the T in Raymond T Chandler stands for Thornton) and that he spent some time in Waterford City, Ireland in his younger years? There are two articles in our local paper The Munster Express on Chandler, both written by Anthony Brophy, exploring the local connections. You can find the articles by Googling The Munster Express. The first article appeared on Friday July 18th 2008 and the second on Friday, August 15th 2008.


    Hello, I'm working on a Chandler documentary and was wondering if you had any more picture of his study? They would be very helpful.
    Thank you, Morgan

    Peter Ricci

    Dear Jeri,

    this is a great entry on Chandler! My name is Peter Ricci, and I am a college student and writer who currently contributes to Too Shy to Stop, an upstart online magazine focused on culture and the arts.

    I found you entry, as it would turn out, while doing research for my own essay on Chandler. I focus on some of the more remarkable characteristics of Chandler's work, especially his dialogue and use of symbolism. I must admit, though—medieval noir does sound like an enticing read.

    If you have the time, check it out! I'd love for you to read it and comment.


    Peter Ricci

    Andrew Minney

    Very interesting piece.
    Chandler is my idol. I have all of his books and reread them constantly.
    I have only been to California once (LA) and instantly knew it because of Chandler.
    I have never thought Playback was a bad novel, it is more a comment well thought out and after the Long Goodbye it is better than the Little Sister. But what do I know?
    Andrew Minney.

    dale price

    My 9 year old granddaughter loves mysteries and the middle ages and asked me to save your books for her. Maybe someday she or her daughter will be making a pilgrimage to better experience Jeri Westerson.

    Jeri Westerson

    Oh dear. What a strange thought. Hope you like South Central Los Angeles, 'cause that's where I was born and spent my early youth.

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