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    Lynn Reynolds

    Very Orlando Bloom in Kingdom of Heaven. Definitely gives the book more of a sexy/action vibe. Great cover, Jeri!


    I love the cover, Jeri!

    Julie Tollefson

    Wonderful cover!

    Anne Gilbert

    I really like the way his sword or knife or whatever it is,is sort of sticking into the cobblestones. I wouldn't exactly call it "urban fantasy", but it's very effective,and a good choice. Can't wait to read it,either.
    Anne G


    Very Cool

    Kaye George

    Woo hoo! Love the colors. And the model's not bad either.

    Irene Black

    What is at the end of the street? It leads your eye into the story.


    Great cover! If I buy the book does the model come with it?

    Neil Plakcy

    Wow! Love that cover. Can I use that same model for my next Mahu book?

    June Shaw

    Great cover! Please send me a book--along with the model.



    Hmm, yes, that's a good looking, huh, book :) Can't wait to read it !

    Susan D

    Excellent in every way!

    Jeri Westerson

    The model makes a great "face of Crispin." That's a very odd feeling to see my creation so, well, three-dimensional?

    How about we include a centerfold in the book? :)


    Wow...that is a great cover! I also like the centerfold idea!

    Jeri Westerson

    Unlocked Word Hoard--a very interesting blog of medieval matters--asks why Crispin is mindlessly stabbing the ground. I say Crispin is just pin-pointing the problem. He's a pretty sharp guy, after all. At least he's taking a stab at it. :)

    Kat Richardson

    *love* very nice. And congrats on the nomination too!

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