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    Patty G. Henderson

    I love this, Jeri. I'm betting that most modern men and women would not last a day in those times. The smell alone would make them faint, let alone the fact that you didn't get a bath a day, let alone two. Some got lucky to have the luxury of a bath once a month! LOL.

    Thanks for this.


    So true! It always bothers me a bit when people judge historical periods by modern standards. Just because we see the error of old prejudices or now prefer higher standards of x, y, or z doesn't mean that people back then knew it was bad and did it anyway.

    Jeri Westerson

    But that's just it, Patty. It didn't smell. They were very careful about trying to eliminate sewage. Latrines had people to clean them out and there were laws in place. Bad smells were associated with sin and good smells with holiness. So bathing was also something done more often than most people think, not the kind of bathing we are used to but some kind of cleanliness.

    Carrie Uff

    Here here Jeri! What a great post. Who are we to judge, considering how much garbage and waste our sanitary society produces? And what about our loss of family and community support, especially for the elderly and weak? Each era (and culture) has its strengths and weaknesses.

    Alan Cassady-Bishop

    History was history. It's easy to compare current mores and conditions and find the past lacking but it still doesn't change the past. It doesn't make it "bad" and it certainly doesn't condone "re-writing". It happened so ... get over it!
    Let's face it, a decade can inspire sad little "it wasn't like this in my day" lifeboats in the Nostalgia Sea, so the distance of time can really make some folk judgemental.

    Jeri Westerson

    I like your style, Alan!

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