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    Hank Phillippi Ryan

    Seven Whole Days. Julia, you are brilliant!


    The victim comes first, but you don't know who did it. Huh. Fascinating how our minds, work, isn't it? There's always something going on that we only gradually realize. I love that.

    xo to you both

    Linda Leszczuk

    Thanks for the interview. I'm eagerly awaiting One Was a Soldier.

    I am impressed by the care and concern you used to write this book. Sounds like a winner! Congratulations. Sasscer Hill

    Vicki Lane

    Having had the good fortune to read an ARC of ONE WAS A SOLDIER, I must say, Julia, that your research time was well spent and I agree, this is your best yet! And that's saying a lot because the series was already top notch!

    Thanks, Jeri, for the great interview!

    Coco Ihle

    Julia, Having been married to a Vietnam vet, I can say you're correct in stating they don't come back the same. I'm eager to read about your characters and how they deal. I have been a great admirer of you and your books and can't wait to read ONE WAS A SOLDIER!

    Jenny Milchman

    I am so excited to read ONE WAS A SOLDIER because I've been hearing such terrific things. I was deliberating whether to start with this one or the first.

    I also wanted to mention--hope this isn't a bad spot--that I tried to send Julia an email--maybe it got eaten by something spam-hungry :) I wanted to extend an invitation for you to appear on a panel about theology/religion in mysteries as part of this writing series I host at an indie bookstore in NJ. It's called Writing Matters. If this would be of any interest to you, I would love to be in touch! I can be reached at jenny(at)wedeskyull(dot) com.

    Thanks so much for a great interview, Jeri & Julia!

    Jeri Westerson

    Jenny, you really have to start with the first one! Then you'll have so many wonderful books in the series to snort down.

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