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    Kay Theodoratus

    Nothing like mis-guided govermental boards to shoot themselves in the foot. I wonder how much revenue the open-air museum brought into the area -- including the surrounding businesses who pay rates [or taxes].


    I used to go to Cosmeston in costume many years ago in my late teens. I remember a fabulous weekend when I with a medieval group, "lived" as a medieval person for the entire weekend even sleeping in one of the buildings. Since then I have moved away to East Anglia so I can't just go and visit any longer. But I have such fond memories of the place.

    What annoys me about the excuses made to stop using the re-enactors is that the vast majority of them were volunteers, coming to teach/entertain visitors without any payment. They would provide their own food and in many cases would be doing repair work on the site, look after the animals and source firewood etc themselves.

    The local council just want to stop managing the site. If that is the case, then hand it over to the re-enactors and they will run it as they used to quite happily. I know there are plenty of them in the area, some of whom I know.

    Allowing visitors in free of charge with no one there to keep an eye on the place, will inevitably result in vandalism and damage.

    Wonder how long it will be before we hear that one or more of the buildings has been burnt down because some misguided visitor thought to start a fire in one of the fireplaces?

    But perhaps that's exactly what the local council want?

    Jeri Westerson

    That's terribly sad, Bess. But I do envy you your opportunity to re-enact there. Perhaps contact the lady putting together the petition?

    Helen Reeves-Howard

    Thank you for your interest. I am only sorry I didn't know earlier. The petitions have gone off. however, it is never too late to write directly to the man behind the scenes who has brought all this about.
    Feel free to write as many letters to Bob Guy as you wish. Contact: Bob Guy 01446 724333 or write directly to him at the docks office, Dock Office,. Barry Docks,. Barry. CF63 4RT.

    much love
    Helen Reeves-Howard.

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