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    Larry Cywin

    I've known Suzanne for years, and certainly enjoy her books. As a sometime reenactor, I especially enjoy her attention to accurate detail.

    Liz V.

    Those tall ships are amazing. I'm still stunned to realize, though, how little space was allocated to humans.

    Best wishes, into the 24th centurythe 24th century.

    Suzanne Adair

    Larry! Thanks for checking in on my blog tour, and thanks for the kudos.

    Suzanne Adair

    Liz, people in the 21st century have such a romantic notion about how spacious the interiors of tall ships were. Maybe that's from Hollywood, eh? Thanks for stopping by.


    Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your writing process, and I'm quite glad to learn there will be several more Stoddard mysteries (especially after the ending to HOSTAGE).

    Great books Suzanne! Good luck in the 24th century :-)

    Suzanne Adair

    Nice to see you here, too, Linda! Of course there will be more books in the Michael Stoddard series. He has another half year of adventure ahead of him in North Carolina.

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