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    J. Kingston Pierce

    I have found your posts about the historical background of your fiction to be very valuable, indeed. I'd miss them if you allowed this blog to go quiet.

    Facebook is not a real writer's medium, it's a Post-it writer's medium. Blogging (obviously) allows someone more space in which to have his or her say, but also the chance to exhibit real writing style. I can often see what to expect from a writer's fiction by reading his or her blog posts.

    I greatly encourage you to keep up the blogging, even if you have to allow more time between posts now and then.


    Robert Romberger

    I guess I'm old school (Medieval?) in reading everything I can get my hands on (eyeballs glued to), including blogs. I want an article to go with the video (not just a click bait headline to a video which seems to be the de jour method on Facebook right now), not just a rehash of what the video is about. Give me more! Articles, including blog posts, are a way to involve the reader with a lot more back story into what the author was thinking and feeling (keeping this generic for the article author, not just book authors). You are telling a story using more than 140 characters. Use the social media stuff to direct the reader to the blog, a richer, more fully satisfying place that can't be duplicated with the instant gratification of the social media sound bite.

    Jeri Westerson

    I appreciate that, Jeff. I still think the blog IS valuable in that sense, and in the sense of sharing history with people. But I have watched the diminishing interest in it, and I suspected it was because of competing activities.

    Jeri Westerson

    Which is why I plan to keep the blog, Robert. I've always thought of it as a magazine of history and mystery. Though I've been doing less and less with it, it can be an excellent tool for sharing history that doesn't get the headline.

    Jessica Trapp

    I like blogs but have a hard time keeping up with them. I really enjoy your newsletters and the articles on medieval history.

    Jeri Westerson

    Which, ironically, Jessica, I stole from this blog. :)

    Jeanette Garcia

    I still read blogs. I keep easy to find lists of my favorites and check in regularly. I am also a medieval junky and love your books. I am waiting patiently for your newest Crispin novel.

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