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    Jeri Westerson

    Thanks for that, D.J. I have yet to make more than my advances received from a big 5 (or is it 4?) but the year ain't over yet.

    Janet Oakley

    Jeri, thanks so much for sharing. I ran across this on Historical Novels Society FB page. It sounds so familiar, though I don't have a traditionally published book. I have to two books out now through CS, and though I don't have returns, I see that books are being bought through the stores by request. The rest I have to place on consignment. At my local indie, however, I'm a best seller. And I'm steady on Kindle. I now have my 2nd novel on Kobo, haven't tried it on iTunes through Smashwords, but will learn that and finally, my first novel which won several awards is on audiobook through ACX. All the best. It's a wild west out there, but things are going modest but well.

    Mark M. Redfearn

    Bless you for persevering! I knew that there was light at the end of the self-publishing tunnel. Thanks for your words of wisdom, Jeri!

    LA Bookworm

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience, Jeri. I think many authors are going through variations on the same type of transition. "Hybrid" is a term that will become more commonplace as time goes by. Interestingly, I was speaking to an agent who got very offended by the notion that authors are seizing the controls of their publishing careers. But what else are we to do? The industry is practically pushing us into it, along with changes in technology, which have enabled us to go indie. Keep us posted on how you're doing in the Brave New World.

    Anthea Lawson

    Congrats on taking the indie plunge! I'm formerly tradpubbed, now very happily self-publishing.

    And by the way, there are ways around the CreateSpace 5-proof limit. Basically you approve the file, then disable all the sales channels. You can purchase multiple copies for your author account, but nobody else can. I highly recommend you look into some of the indie self-publishing loops, where tips like this are shared freely! Marie Force's selfpublish yahoo group is excellent.

    Jeri Westerson

    Yes, Anthea, but doesn't that still show your book as being "published" on that date?

    Risa Gettler, Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Calligraher

    Thank you for your candid and informative post. Once again, you and the information you share has inspired me!

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