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    Petrea Burchard

    I'm dying to read this book and I will, win or not. Thank you both for a wonderful interview. I'm always interested in process.

    Pam Priest

    Looks like a great book!

    Marikae Tischler

    alright alright, I know I have to get this book! Hopefully I will win one, but I am betting that I will go and buy one SOON! Sounds like it is right up my alley and I know AE too


    Great interview!

    I'm hooked already. Cannot wait for Barnabus Valentine's story before even having a peek at the others... honestly very excited.

    Kristina Boyd

    Sounds like an exciting book!! Congratulations on all of your success

    Rabbi Charles Familant

    Well,well, well. Here I am reading the words from a lady I thought I knew. But no. When she and her hubby attended our - Fr. Hester's and my - Friday eve gatherings, she was like a shrinking violet while others with more inflated egos - myself excluded! - took over. How I wish you, Ms Wasserman, had put yourself out there more. This rich fantasy life of yours needs to be shared - and that is exactly what you are doing now. Bravo!!


    Thanks for that great interview! I'd love to get a glimpse of the eBook because it is not (yet) available where I live.

    Hillary Werhane

    I have known you as a horse and dog lover and am now meeting a new side of you. Congratulations on the success of your book and your burgeoning writing career!! I can't wait to read 1884 No Boundaries.

    Leslie Ann Moore

    Great interview, A.E. I read a lot more historical fiction when I was younger. Don't know why I stopped. Your stories sound so intriguing, they make me want to start back into historical fiction. 1884 No Boundaries seems like the perfect place to begin.

    A.E. Wasserman

    Thank you all for the encouraging words you have posted. And from what you all say, I’d best be crackin’ to get the next books done because once you finish 1884 No Boundaries, you guys will be pushing me for more.

    A.E. Wasserman

    Rabbi - Writers write, but we also observe. When I’ve observed other writers, many are quiet, especially when learning and absorbing the world. I tend to alternate, but mostly I enjoy listening and watching and as several of my friends know, I will suddenly disappear, pulling what is now known as a “Don Draper.” I must write, not talk, and I’ll simply leave to capture a thought and write. I always loved writing the newsletter for your group.

    Jo Ann Butler

    Those who didn't learn from the events of 1884 are doomed to repeat them. Thanks for an intriguing interview, A.E.!

    Rabbi Charles Familant

    Ah, Ms Wasserman, I feel properly reprimanded. Of course, you're correct. Now, I know why I am not writing as assiduously as I should!


    Great interview! Love your quotes on time travel. Totally agree!

    Blaze McRob

    Great Q&A. Great to find out so much about you, A.E. Happy writing!


    Anne Louis

    Sounds like a wonderful tale, I will look forward to reading it and your future tales as well.

    Cynthia Naden

    Enjoyed this interview. Even as A personal friend of A.E.'s I am truly inspired by her amazing work!

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